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Offering solutions for medical development and management with specialty services including financial services and strategies, relationship and business marketing development, operations and growth strategies, and new programs development for private practice medical groups of any size and specialty. 

FCo has a passion for empowering healthcare organizations, providers and executives with strategies to evolve and prosper in the reforming era of healthcare. 

Through this process FCo promotes practices utilizing superior quality of care allowing them to provide the significantly impacting effects of health and wellness to patients and communities a like. 

Our Team

The Teams

Growth and Development Team

Specializing in new program development as well as expansion and acquisition services through a combination of business strategic implementation and marketing services including lead development and relationship marketing services.

Programs and Services Team

From developing out of network, fee for service and concierge membership based solutions to optimizing in network programs through efficiencies and contract negotiation all with the goal of increasing revenue streams that allow organizations to provide the best care.

Financial Services Team

Billing and accounting based program improvement and development including factoring and revenue cycle optimization. 

Operations and Management Team

Team culture and optimization strategy implementation with efficiency based procedures and protocols tools to promote growth.


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